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San Francisco chiropractor Dr. Jacob Sahourieh provides chiropractic care to patients suffering back pain and neck pain due to sports injury and car accident injury as well as patients who experience headaches and migraines, plantar fasciitis and heel pain, or who have carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Sahourieh's practice is dedicated to helping patients live a full and healthy life. He is also concerned about the health and wellness of the planet and strives to have a green, environmentally-friendly practice by going paperless and using few resources overall. Having a smaller eco-footprint also means that our clinic's bills are smaller, giving us the chance to provide high quality chiropractic care at affordable prices.

San Francisco chiropractor Dr. Sahourieh offers treatments such as spinal adjustments to reduce back pain and neck pain. Continuing chiropractic care treatment over time resets the spine and removes subulaxations, so that the back pain and neck pain is erased and a patient feels well again.

In addition, by implementing orthotics into a treatment plan for foot pain, heel pain, back and neck pain, and many other ailments, patients can benefit from support and improved function from injuries. Our San Francisco chiropractor can recommend particular braces to aid in healing and rehabilitation following an injury or to help align specific parts of the body. His experience with orthotics complements other chiropractic care treatment for a well-rounded wellness program. 

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Treating Injuries Using a 3 Step Process from our
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The first step develops a course of action to help a patient recover from injury or feel relief from pain. During the next step, a patient begins rehabilitation with treatments such as spinal adjustments, physical therapy and massage therapy. After the pain has subsided and the injuries healed, the patient begins the maintenance phase, which allows him to retain the level of health and wellness he's reached.

Chiropractic care treatment involves more than just spinal adjustments. Our San Francisco chiropractor also provides physical therapy and massage therapy to help patients recover from injuries like those related to work such as carpal tunnel. Massage therapy can benefit patients who suffer from headaches and migraines, especially tension headaches, as well from back pain and neck pain. This type of therapy relaxes the muscles, providing relief from pain. It also reduces swelling in injured areas and can reduce the healing time following an injury.

In addition to helping patients heal from injuries, our San Francisco chiropractor Dr. Sahourieh provides them the tools to stay healthy. He provides lifestyle advice and suggestions to improve the quality of a patient's life. Nutritional counseling is also available to help patients maintain a healthy weight. Supplements and vitamins recommended by Dr. Sahourieh have been tried by himself, so patients have a guarantee of quality.
If you want to relief from car accident injury or sports injury, or want a San Francisco chiropractor who is committed to your health and the planet, contact us today at  415-824-7336.

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